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The Proven Approach That Works For ANY Woman Entrepreneur

Who Is Ready To Play A Far Bigger Game.

Make more money. Gain the success, confidence and freedom you deserve. Taking your passion-driven business to the next level shouldn't be such a struggle but all too often it is. 

90% of the business game is mindset. Can you imagine having the ability to stay positive without having to control your thoughts? Or taking actions to move your business forward that literally feel fun, effortless, and more often than not, bring you the success and income you are  after? Can you imagine never again doing the "burnout-retreat" vs. "advance-your-business forward" dance?

Just Imagine...

Your work brings you great return. You easily:

  • Earn what you are worth
  • Know just how to set your fees and when and how much to increase them
  • Resolve your money fears and blocks
  • Gain visibility without fear of putting yourself or your work "out there"
  • Become free from of feeling like an impostor or "not good enough"
  • Find your ideal customers
  • Up-level your business, bank account and market-reach

You can get the the business results you want, by clearing the resistance and clutter blocking your path. No matter what you have previously tried to move beyond your challenges, I can help.  

The fact is that when it comes to mindset, you really only have control of what you are aware of. Many of your money hurdles are unconscious and stop you from achieving success. These subtle, unconscious blocks prevent you from shifting beyond your present day business reality to something far better. Without fully resolving these blocks you will never move your business forward into true success. 

You are in luck because finding and resolving these subtle, unconscious barriers to your full-throttle business is my special gift.  I'm a spiritual detective-warrior-healer at clearing these problems out!

Even if you are not into the whole "spiritual" message, keep reading to find out why clearing your money karma is the hidden key to your future success.

​Why Other Efforts, Even The Law of Attraction, May Not Have Worked for You

You know you have big work to doMaybe you've even tried to walk away a hundred (or a thousand) times, but your big vision propels you forward and you simply can't put it down!

Yet, you haven't quite "gotten-there" or gotten your business over a certain income hump. You frequently second-guess yourself, wondering if you should just give up your business and "get a job."

This inner-battle doesn't make logical sense. After all, you have gotten business results, made money and gained clients, but not with the ease or at the rate you could be achieving. You are "stuck" and it's difficult to grasp just where the problem lies. Why is bringing your business to the next level so difficult?

​​Maybe you've tried high-level business mastermind programs, super-experienced marketing consultants, stellar brand experts and all of the latest cutting-edge internet training programs and strategies, and have even built yourself a raft of sky-high sales funnels.  

Or maybe you have applied all of the latest Law of Attraction principles and have used what you have learned in your business. You have held positive thoughts, chanted the right affirmations, visualized the perfect amount of money entering your business bank account, created all the right internal warm-fuzzies, made dream boards and Mind Movies--and yet, none of these strategies attracted the results you deserve.  

Clearly others have taken these same steps and achieved massive results. Why not you? 

Stop blaming, judging or comparing yourself. You may have a bigger or more challenging vision to give birth to or a need to clean up the past to a greater extent than others. So please don't judge yourself against anyone else's experience. 


My Ground-Breaking, Real-World Solution

Whether you are a business owner, coach, author, artist or internet marketer, you are a spiritual being. Your soul continually enlists your help to heal negative energies (like old grievances, guilt and fears) that block your ability to manifest your dreams. These "stuck" energies clog your business pipeline and keep your vision and dreams from reaching their full potential. On a business level these challenges can be infuriating. They are also an invitation to release the negative energies that keep you small.

By Clearing Your Money Karma, I help you to craft a brand new reality; one that takes your business to a higher level, includes your biggest vision, success and an abundance of money. One that releases you from the painful hold that money has over you and the constant struggle to "make a living."

Forget those negative definitions of karma. Forget cause and effect. Forget "what goes around, comes around." These definitions do not help. Something bigger is at hand here.

My definition of karma: any stuck negative energies from the past, that when cleared fully, will free you.

I neutralize these negative energies so that more money and success can reach you. My approach is ground breaking, real-life, results-oriented solution to the myriad of challenges that you face to achieving your professional dreams.

The incredible result is that once your pathway is clear, you will not need willpower to force yourself to take the necessary business actions.  You will be lifted out of struggle so that you effortlessly move forward to meet your goals. (Read Jennifer Mayer's testimonial below. She describes this experience perfectly.)

The blocks to your dream business can painlessly and permanently melt away, bringing you more money, more success, more freedom, more ease, more confidence, more impact. Your fears, stress and blocks to feeling fantastic about money can also easily and painlessly dissolve. This can become your reality.

I now routinely receive messages like these from my clients:

I Would Love to Help You Join My $20,000+ Testimonial Club

Abby helped me generate close to $20,000 ...

“ my Money Attraction Group Coaching business so far this year and for that I am very grateful! I was struggling with bills and Abby helped to heal my fears around money and to relate to money differently."

Regina A. Luffey
IT Manager & Business Coach

We brought in $20K from this single-day event!

“Abby cleared our fears, concerns and blocks around anything preventing our highest success and even cleared the relationship energy between the two of us. She cleared the audience receptivity and our ability to deliver the highest value possible to our audience. The event went exceptionally well. Our presentation was seamless and the event was powerful for our attendees.

​"We highly recommend Abby's 'Clear Your Money Karma' to anyone planning an important launch, business presentation or live event and to help you clear out any money or success blocks in your business going forward."

*Within 5 days of a later clearing session, Simone brought in $40,000.

Alina Vincent & Simone Janssen 
Business Success Edge & SALT Leadership

After attending just the first 2 calls I have been bringing in more money into my business, faster and easier than all of last year including the $20K I brought in after our first week together AND...

"My resistance to completing projects, sending out offers, and the like is, like, all gone. Allllll. gone.

"Thank you so much for all the clearing, I feel it even when I'm not directly on the calls.

"Instead of feeling overwhelmed and rundown by the thought of creating a promo, I feel energized and enthusiastic.

"I feel myself becoming lighter, brighter, and more like the shining star my momma always told me I was :-)"

Jennifer Mayers

Abby Rohrer

Creator of Karma Healing Mastery, Master Karma Healer,

Certified Big Money Business Coach & Personal Success Coach

My mission is to help you 

  • Break through your money barriers to full-on business success!
  • ​Get out of your own way and out of the way of your business!
  • Connect to your biggest vision without wavering!
  • Fully thrive!
  • Bring your best work to the world and be richly rewarded for it!

For 22 years I have helped people all over the world to break free from limitations around money, success, self-worth, confidence, career and business challenges, relationship challenges, behavioral addictions, chronic anxiety, depression and more.

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